Document Handover Policy

During the work each other, find out information as well as verify the necessary papers and documents before, during and after signing the agreement with the customer. LY NGUYEN offers a number of regulations and policies on document handover to ensure the safety of documents and documents and security for both customers and LY NGUYEN

At each stage of delivery and receipt of documents, LY NGUYEN requires customers to sign and confirm on LY NGUYEN document delivery and receipt form. When the customer signs the handover confirmation and receives documents and papers from LY NGUYEN and vice versa, it means that the customer agrees to all the conditions and policies shown on the Handover Minutes issued by LY NGUYEN issued to customers.

In case the customer does not directly carry out the handover and receipt of documents with LY NGUYEN, the representative appointed by the customer to work with LY NGUYEN is considered as the customer, the customer accepts all risks and losses. exited by his representative appointed to work with LY NGUYEN
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